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News & Events

The number of housing projects fell to a record

01:33 29/10/2019
HCMC - No projects have been recognized for the investors for the past 9 months, the sharpest decrease since 2017

The State does not have enough resources to buy back the BOT projects

01:36 28/10/2019
39 BOT projects have exempted or reduced the fees for road use services, but some have reduced their revenues compared to their original financial plans.

Houses and offices benefit from industrial real estate

01:38 25/10/2019
An increase in the occupancy rate of industrial parks in Vietnam will create a huge source of housing and office demand for the real estate market.

Races for industrial real estate

07:12 22/10/2019
The foreign investors promote joint ventures with domestic industrial developers, acquires the operating land and industrial assets.

Apartment prices are in a fast rising cycle

07:20 15/10/2019
HCMC - In the third quarter, the average new apartment price records an increase of 23.8% by year, the supply continues to be scarce.

The Korean investors prefer Vietnamese real estate

07:28 14/10/2019
Vietnam is in the Top 2 real estate markets (after the US), which are invested and funded by the Korean investors.