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Tasco’s profit after tax in quarter I/2016 exceeded 1,438% compared to corresponding period of preceding year

06:56 31/05/2016
According to the financial report of the Quarter I/2016 of Tasco Joint Stock Company, the Company has achieved profit after tax increased by 1,438% compared to corresponding period of the preceding year.


By steady strategies in business orientations, in 3 first months of the year, Tasco Joint Stock Company achieved VND79.8 billion of profit after tax, exceeding 119% compared to the quarter plan and 1.438 % compared to corresponding period of preceding year.

Most of Tasco’s projects in the first quarter of 2016 are profitable and above-plan with the impressive results. In particular, Foresa Villa Project (Xuan Phuong ecological areas) has exceeded construction schedule contributing to increase profitability in the first quarter of 2016 and promises growth in revenue and profits exceeding Tasco’s plans in this year.

Within 45-year experience in the field of transportation infrastructure and investments, Tasco is the investor of BOT projects with toll stations for refund such as Highway No. 10, Highway No. 21, National Highway No. 1, road segment of Quang Binh, Highway No. 10 crossing Hai Phong, the non-stop toll stations nationwide (in the form of BOO). Tasco’s strategies in the upcoming period are to focus on investing real estate in the form of land exchange for infrastructure (investing BT projects on Transportation infrastructure). A series of Tasco’s real estate projects have being appreciated and attracted much attention of consumers and investors, such as: Foresa Villa Project (Xuan Phuong eco-housing area with the area of 38 ha), Project of Office-for-lease and luxury apartment No. 48 Tran Duy Hung, Housing construction & investment project of South Building - Phap Van, Xuan Phuong Residence project (housing for officers of the Central Party & People Newspaper), Housing for Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Officers ...